Complete commercial management adaptable to your business (ERP) include integrated accounting.

Gestión comercial ERP IdemGES


Document management on a single screen (Sales/Purchases) ERP

  • Documentos IdemGESEfficiently manage from one screen all the necessary information on Budgets, Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices.
  • Save purchase invoices in the PDF document itself and retrieve them whenever you need them with a single click.
  • Send by email, from the same program, the document in pdf format.
  • Up to 4 types of I.V.A. in the same document.
  • Group of sales receipts.
  • You can pre-select the printer and/or tray in which you want to print each type of document.
  • Spreadsheet for analysis of clients x families. Selected year + 4 years + budget for the following year.


Multiple warehouses, with automatic stock control.
IdemGES will update the stock automatically, when creating or modifying invoices, delivery notes, … ,

Automated eCommerce Web (On-Line POS)

  • Linked WEB IdemGESYour website automated and controlled from IdemGES, products, images, outlet, with stock control,
    automatic web order registration, …
  • User control:
    From IdemGES you will control the users who can access your website with a wholesale rate, including representatives. On the web, private users who access at a retail rate are directly controlled.


Graphics IdemGESAnalyze your business in depth with clear graphs and its economic data with a single click.

Reports and statistics

  • Reports and predefined statistics of Sales, Purchases, Sellers, …
  • ABC Statistics
  • General statistics, …


  • Management of receipts pending collection/payment.
  • Electronic bank remittances: Collection Management Receipts (C.S.B. 19) and Credit Advance (C.S.B. 58).
    As well as, notebook standard 19.14 Basic and 19.44 B2B (including XML)
  • Compatible with the new EU – SEPA standard for IBAN – BIC bank account codes.

Accounting entries

Automatic link with fully integrated accounting, without the need for exports.
For sales/purchase invoices, collection/payment receipts and remittances.


Access control system.
Allows you to define who has access to each process.


Integrated accounting

Automatic link from the commercial management part, with the fully integrated accounting part, without the need for exports.

This accounting system is merely informative. It is not intended as official fiscal support of any kind.

Multi Accounting Year

All accounting exercises available online.

Accounting entriesAccounting entries IdemGES

  • Possibility of searching by concept, number, date, account, …
  • Regularization entry, automatic closing and opening.
  • Automatic VAT book control.
  • Monthly and/or annual accounting closing control.
  • Possibility to reopen the exercises automatically.
  • Up to 4 Tax Types per VAT book entry.
  • Accounting entries models.

Investments and deferred expenses

  • Database of investment assets/deferred expenses.
  • Automatic generation of the investment amortization table/deferred expenses.
  • Automatic entries in the investment amortization table/deferred expenses.


  • Balances sums and balances.
  • Extracts.
  • Punch.
  • Official and adaptable balances.
  • Operations with third parties.


You must request the contract in IdemGES.

All the modules listed here are contracted separately. Check with our sales department for prices.


Automated eCommerce Web “POS in the Cloud”

  • Website (Adaptable-Responsive) with basket and online payment fully integrated with IdemGES.
  • Automatic update from IdemGES to the web of products, images, stocks, PVD and PVP prices, users and even representatives.
  • Integration from the web to IdemGES, with automatic incorporation of online orders and payments.


E.U. Intrastat Statistics

All companies, from an amount of Import/Export to countries of the European Union, must carry out this statistic in a compulsory way.
IdemGES allows you to carry out the INTRASTAT statistic automatically. To do this, you must indicate, once, information in:

  • Supplier/Customer
  • Article
  • Invoice


Sectors of activity with some specific component:

  • Clothes. ‘On line’ POS and Store.
  • Pets. ‘On line’ POS and Store.
  • Bicycles. ‘On line’ POS and repair shop and workshop.
  • Stationery stores. ‘On line’ POS and Store.
  • ‘On line’ POS adaptable to any sector.
  • Dangerous goods. Automatic printing of delivery notes with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods applicable in each case.

Standalone / Network system

Multi-puesto IdemsoftDeveloped with the possibility of working with a single computer (Single-user),
or from several computers simultaneously (Multi-user – Client/Server)
Teams from both systems can work on the same network, Windows and Mac OS


On-site backups

Automatic backup system at your premises.
Decide how many sets of copies you want to keep for your safety.

Backup copies “in the Cloud”

Automatic backup system in the cloud.
Consider the possibility of automatically saving your data in the cloud (ANTI-RAMSOMWARE), for your maximum security. (ask for prices) 


Download the manual (Spanish) in the desired format.

Download manual IdemGES PDF Download manual IdemGES HTML

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IdemGES - Windows


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Minimum requirements


Windows © Microsoft 64-bit
Supported systems: Windows 10 – Windows 11

Computers: Intel © i3 or higher
(AMD equivalent)
RAM: 4GB recommended 8GB
Hard drive: SSD recommended


Macintosh – MacOS X Copyright © Apple Inc.
Supported Systems:  Big Sur(11) or higher

Computers: M1 or higher – Intel © i3 or higher
RAM: 4GB recommended 8GB
Hard drive: SSD recommended


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